Who on Earth are we?

Posted on: April 21st, 2009 by tanguera

We are a group of slightly unhinged tango addicts who have an insatiable appetite for dancing in new places with new people and have a bit too much time on our hands.

Not enough free time, however, to constantly check the dozen or so websites run by the various tango groups so we got our heads together and decided (in true tango form) that we should have our own ‘sounding board’ where we can inform the tango community of absolutely everything in a one-stop-shop type of thingy.

we value your comments more than you know (cos it makes our job that bit easier, come on you know it’s true) so feel free to express ideas, opinions on various events you have been to…..you never know WHO could be reading!

But please, yeah, let’s keep it about tango ok? No one wants to hear about how your shopping trolley won’t go in a straight line or that you got a ticket cos you parked in the disabled bay…UNLESS it was outside a milonga!!!

ok? got the idea?  Brill. Welcome to the blog. Tanguera x

  • http://www.thamesvalleytango.co.uk Charles

    Coming up this weekend; the famous Milonga on Eton Bridge.
    Saturday 2nd July
    7.30pm – 10:30pm (£9)
    It’s a fantastic setting and a wonderful evening.

    Full details are at:

    If you can’t make it this time then the next Eton Bridge milonga is on Saturday 6th August (weather permitting).

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  • Simon
  • http://www.sophiehoward.co.uk Sophie Howard

    Keep finding myself on your site! its good. One day would love to be in it with my tango sculptures. Please see my website for images. Thanks xxx

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  • Haris Harikli

    On which internet side can i buy flat tango shoes?

    Thank you

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  • old_no_7uk

    Hey Haris – you should check out some of our posts on the subject. I’m not sure if you are after mens shoes of ladies shoes but there is some useful info there – Some thoughts on getting well heeled – for men… and http://www.tangohub.co.uk/2011/09/getting-well-heeled/ .. if you are after mens shoes they have a good selection at http://www.vidadance.com/ that wont leave you looking like an extra in a gangster movie ( http://www.tangohub.co.uk/2012/10/two-tone-dance-shoes )

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  • Leyla

    Hi, i’ll greatly appreciate your advice as to milongas in Bournemouth and Southampton area between November 7 and 12. Thank you!

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  • Eduardo Bozzo

    Hi Leyla,
    This Saturday 10th November the Bournemouth Macanuda Milonga
    Special edition with “Milonga & Picadita” at St. Mark church Hall !
    IDYLLIC VENUE In the middle of the conservation area of Talbot Village, Bournemouth
    7 till 11pm £8 on the door
    Looking forward to meeting you,

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  • guy williams

    6th and 7th April 2013

    Upton Magna Tango Club proudly

    A Weekend of Tango

    with Laura De Altube


    Upton Magna Village Hall,
    near Shrewsbury, SY4 4TZ.

    Saturday: All Levels

    Workshop 1: 1 – 2.30: Vals and Tango Turns, Cadenas.

    Workshop 2: 3 – 4.30: Adornos for leaders and

    Workshop 3: 5 – 6.30:
    Part 1-Using the loose leg. Boleos

    Milonga: 7.30-11.ish. Mostly
    traditional music with a picante of alternative music. Cost £8.


    PM: Intermediate
    and Advanced

    Workshop 4: 1-2.30: Part 2 – Using the Loose Leg. Leg Wraps, Sacadas.

    Workshop 5: 3 – 4.30: Vals -Cross system turns.

    Tea dance; 5.00 – 8.30 pm Cost: £6

    Traditional and alternative music.

    Prices: Payment by 30th March 2013 please
    = £12 each

    Saturday Day Pass (includes Milonga) £40

    Sunday Day Pass (includes Tea Dance)

    Weekend Pass = £60 for 5 workshops, Milonga
    and tea dance. Please book in
    couples. Singles will be placed on waiting list
    until a suitable partner is found.

    Bookings contact Tessa on 07949394921or 01743709482 or email:tbenie@aol.com. For any other queries contact Guy on 07837 898369 or
    email: gutoffowc69@hotmail.co.uk

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  • Martin Espindola

    Hola Tango Hub people..and thanks so much for all the effort you put into the tango community..i have been trying to find where to change some of the timetable of Tango Terra’s schedule of classes. Just in case the changes are beginners class 6:30-7:30 and general level from 7:30-8:30 Many regards, Martin Espindola

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  • Anastasia

    Does this get updated? What is this year’s schedule for beginner’s classes and where are they held?

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